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Crocodile Clips software purchased by Cypriot Minitsry of Education

2 October 2006

Crocodile Clips' educational simulators have been purchased for all Cypriot secondary schools by the Cypriot Ministry of Education.

Working in partnership with Nicosia-based education specialist SPREL, Crocodile Clips has secured a contract to provide its simulators Crocodile Physics, Chemistry, Technology, ICT and Mathematics for all Cypriot secondary schools.

Over the coming months, the software will be fully localised into Greek by Crocodile Clips and SPREL, before being delivered to every secondary school early in 2007.

These translations are a welcome expansion for Crocodile Clips' range of localised software. The simulators have been translated into many languages, including French, German, Arabic, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese and Russian.

The flexibility of the simulation tools allow them to be easily adapted to curriculum requirements in any country, with local teachers able to eaily create and adapt content to suit their own lessons.