Crocodile Clips

Simple Simulation Software


Some of our software needs to be downloaded and installed before you use it.


Yenka is our new range of simulation software, covering science, design and technology, mathematics and computing. It's replaced Crocodile Technology, Physics, Chemistry and ICT.

To try Yenka, you can either try it free in school for 15 days, or use Yenka free of charge at home.

If you've purchased a Yenka product for your school, download the Yenka installer here.


There's no need to download anything to use Sumdog's free maths games. To get started, just visit Sumdog and start playing.


Crocodile Physics, Chemistry, Technology and ICT have now been converted to our new Yenka platform.

Crocodile Mathematics is still available, and you can download a free demo, for which you'll need to register for an activation code.

If you've purchased any of our Crocodile titles for your school, log in and download the installer here, or download network installers here page. We've also got plugins and patches which may be useful.


There's no need to download anything to use Absorb courseware. You can try free sample chapters from each course online.