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    Use all of our Yenka software for science, technology, maths & computing at home, free of charge.

    Sumdog maths games
    Free to use at home and at school - educational and fun!

Free Software

We offer a range of free software titles. There's no catch: they're intended to let you try our software. We hope that, if you like them, you'll consider buying a licence for your school - but there's no obligation to do so.


Sumdog's educational games are designed to improve mathematics and english language for children aged 6-13 - in an enjoyable way. They're free to use either at home or in school.


At home, both teachers and students can use all of our Yenka software free of charge

At school, you normally need to buy a licence to use Yenka - although some products are completely free for school use.

Absorb Courseware

There are over 1400 free resources from our interactive Absorb courses available for you to use online. If you like them, you can buy a licence to use the full course.