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Yenka modelling tools and content

We have five Yenka products for science. If you're using more than one of them, they work seamlessly together - sharing one user interface; if you use all of them, they will cover the topics found in Crocodile Physics and Chemistry fully.

Crocodile Physics

Crocodile Physics and Crocodilia for Crocodile Physics have now been replaced by Yenka Light and Sound, Yenka Motion and Yenka Electricity.

Crocodile Chemistry

Crocodile Chemistry and Crocodilia for Crocodile Chemistry have now been replaced by Inorganic & physical chemistry simulation and Yenka's electrochemistry simulation.

Absorb Physics

A complete on-screen physics course for physics or science, which explores all aspects of the subject using a mixture of Crocodile Physics simulations and interactive animations.

Absorb Physics Advanced

A highly interactive physics course covering an advanced syllabus, including electronics, electricity and mechanics.

Absorb Chemistry

A complete interactive chemistry course, with a mixture of our unique simulations, interactive animations and videos of key experiments.