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Sumdog mathematics games

Our Sumdog games website is designed to help you practice your numeracy skills - in an enjoyable way.

All of Sumdog's games are free to use at home or in school. Each one covers over 100 mathematics topics, and most are multiplayer - letting you play with other students around the world.

Sign up for a free student login

If you're a student, you can sign up free to customise your profile picture and your individual progress.

Sign up for a free teacher login

If you're a teacher you can sign up free to set up your school, create free logins for your students, and set competitions and activities for them.

Track your students' progress with a school subscription

Schools can also buy a Sumdog subscription to track their students' progress and analyse their strongest and weakest topics.

More information...

Why are Sumdog's games free?
There's no catch; we've just want you to try them. We hope that some schools who like them will buy a subscription, to track progress - but there's no obligation to do so.

What does signing up for a free login get me?
A free login lets you record your scores and change your picture. If you're a teacher, it also lets you create logins for your students, and set work for them.

What topics does Sumdog cover?
Each Sumdog game covers over 100 numeracy topics across 10 levels - and you can choose which ones you practise.

How do I get started?
Create a free Sumdog account and start playing!
We also have video tutorials, to help you get started here.